Van Lavino - Cafe & Patisserie | Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Foodie Favourites

Our chef favourites

Ferrero Rocher Cake

Nutelle Baked Cheese cake

Chocolate Creme Brulee

Tres Leches



Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Belgium Chocolate Slice

Popeye's Secret Crepe

Fruit Exotica Waffle


Nut Clusters

The Beginning

Vanlavino is what happens when the art of chocolate making meets the love of baking.

Vanlavino is a Cafe and Patisserie, that serves some amazing and tasty food dishes to unlock the foodie in you and also a concept Dessert Cafe where the desserts never stop and you stay happy always with the ever changing delights.

We started on August 10th, 2016 with the dream to become a concept dessert Cafe where we make all things soulful and wholesome.One of our partners, Harish hasover 2 decades of experience in baking and Abhijeet, has 9 years of experience in chocolates. Together, they are bringing to Vanlavino world favourites with a hint of Indian flavours and a lot of love.

Alongside our core team, we also have a set of amazing chefs from all across India with varied culinary knowledge, which we have amalgamated together, to bring out some amazing food dishes to delight our patrons.

The Team

Ashwini Pai Jhabakh


A design thinker with an aim to disrupt the confectionery industry.

Harish Ramnani


Our very own master chef with an aim to innovate the best of the best in desserts & food.

Laveena Mehek Ramnani


The queen of good times, keen to give an experience parallel to none in the industry.

Abhijeet Pai


A diehard foodie!!!

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